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Straight Shooting review

Posted : 1 year, 3 months ago on 8 April 2017 07:52 (A review of Straight Shooting)

Rancher Thunder Flint, who has resolved to drive the farmers out, sends Danny Morgan with a warning to Sweetwater Sims, a prominent farmer, to leave. After Flint hires outlaw Cheyenne Harry and Placer Fremont to enforce his demands, Harry and Fremont have a riotous drink together in a hotel saloon. When Harry sees Sims and his daughter Joan at the funeral of Sims' son Tom, who was shot by Fremont, he vows to help them and tells Flint's foreman that he is through with them. Danny overhears Flint plot to kill Harry and informs Harry. Harry's gunfight in the street with Fremont ends in Fremont's death. After the farmers band together at the Sims' farmhouse, the ranchers surround them in a siege. Harry convinces a large outlaw band to help and the ranchers are routed. Joan, who now loves Harry, is disappointed when he leaves, and Danny, who loves her, returns instead. She finds Harry in the woods about to leave, and they embrace.

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A Romance of the Redwoods review

Posted : 1 year, 3 months ago on 8 April 2017 07:51 (A review of A Romance of the Redwoods)

Jenny Lawrence goes West in search of her uncle, unaware that he has been killed by Indians and that "Black" Brown, a stagecoach robber, has taken his name as a cloak to shield himself from the law. When Jenny arrives in Strawberry Flats, she realizes what has occurred, but is forced to accept the protection offered to her by Brown in preference to the only other shelter in town, the dance hall. Gradually the two fall in love and Jenny urges him to reform. The lure of the past is too great for Brown, however, who decides to hold up one last stage, which results in his capture by a vigilante committee. Despite Jenny's pleading, Brown is sentenced to hang. At her wits end, Jenny unearths some doll's clothes and renews her pleas for Brown's release, with these as evidence that Brown is the father of her child. The committee relents and the two are married by the sheriff. Afterwards, the citizens discover Jenny's ruse, but accept defeat in good humor.

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Custer of Big Horn (With General Custer at the Little Big Horn) review

Posted : 1 year, 3 months ago on 8 April 2017 07:48 (A review of Custer of Big Horn (With General Custer at the Little Big Horn))

Lem Hawks, a civilian scout attached to General George Armstrong Custer, is attracted to Betty Rossman, the daughter of a pioneer. Rivaling Lem for Betty's affections is Captain Page, who serves under Custer. Unknown to Custer, Cheyenne Chief Little Horse meets with Sioux leader Gall, who is wanted by the Army, and Sioux medicine man Sitting Bull, who is known as "the brains of the Sioux nation." Worried about the loss of their buffalo and lands, the Indian leaders form an alliance to fight the white man. Learning that Gall is in the area, Custer sends Lem to the warrior's encampment. Lem tries to persuade Gall to discuss peace with Custer, and although Gall adamantly refuses the offer, an Indian named Bear promises Lem that Gall will visit the general. Lem returns to Custer with the news, unaware that Page and his men have surrounded and bayoneted Gall. When he hears of Gall's injury, Custer is outraged, but Page replies, "A dead Indian is a good Indian." The attack on Gall rallies the Sioux to action, and they launch a series of attacks on homesteads and wagon trains. One evening, while Page romances a married woman at a dance, Lem enters with the news that the Indians are on the warpath. As Custer spreads word of the situation among his officers, Lem dances with Betty. This enrages Page, who blames Lem for the injury to Gall. The two men fight, but Custer, reporting that he has been ordered to pursue the Indians located by Major Reno's scouting party, urges them to put their argument aside. In the meantime, there is a war council between the Sioux and the Cheyenne. The whites must go, they maintain, so that the Indian can roam the plains freely. A war dance is then performed to the accompaniment of drum playing and singing, but later, having been notified that U.S troops are approaching, the Indians ride away. Back at the post, Page apologizes for having resorted to lying in his courtship of Betty. As she bids Lem farewell, Betty begs him to return to her. The troops depart, with Reno in the lead, Captain Benteen to the left, and Custer to the northern end of the Indian village. During the battle between Custer and the Indians, Page dies in Lem's arms. Lem rides to notify General Terry of their plight, but by the time Terry's advance guard reaches the battlefield, Custer and his men are dead. Sitting Bull is captured and confined to a reservation until his death. Lem then returns to Betty and they embrace.

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Comme un air review

Posted : 1 year, 8 months ago on 7 November 2016 06:25 (A review of Comme un air)

As a motorbike courier prepares to get on his bike he hums a romantic tune. Overheard by a passer-by who unknowingly sings along, the song is passed from person to person across the city from launderettes, to shop keepers, to taxi drivers to security guards. Journeying along the roads, through the streets and even in the metro, the song makes a romantic odyssey across Paris all the way back to the man who started it. A whimsical short film that captures the reason Paris is known as the City of Love.

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Teen Funkle Paradise review

Posted : 1 year, 8 months ago on 7 November 2016 06:23 (A review of Teen Funkle Paradise)

Un plage de sable fin. Un petit coin de paradis. Un homme, habillé très élégamment, savoure, seul, la tranquilité et la plénitude d'un doux moment d'été lorsqu'une ravissante créature sort de l'eau et marche ruisselante, dans sa direction.

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Reptil review

Posted : 1 year, 8 months ago on 7 November 2016 06:22 (A review of Reptil)

Court-Métrage Français / Fantastique / © 2005
15' / Couleur / 35mm / 1.85 / Dolby SR / English Subtitles / Visa n°104.156

Saint-Malo, France, 1958. Un vieil homme, au passé d'aventurier, paria de la société, dévoile sa vraie nature au crépuscule de sa vie.

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Tu devrais faire du cinéma review

Posted : 1 year, 8 months ago on 7 November 2016 06:20 (A review of Tu devrais faire du cinéma)

TU DEVRAIS FAIRE DU CINEMA est un film à la réalisation et au scénario d'une rare sensibilité. Un film pour les amoureux du cinéma, qui verront ici la représentation qu'un enfant a du cinéma, à savoir l'apparence d'une femme. Ce court-métrage sans prétention se paye en plus une guest star de luxe : Claude Chabrol ! Un beau film, un peu mystérieux sur les bords, mais une dans tous les cas, une superbe déclaration d'amour d'un cinéphile au cinéma.

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Le taxi Cormier review

Posted : 1 year, 8 months ago on 7 November 2016 03:47 (A review of Le taxi Cormier)

Depuis cinquante ans le taxi Cormier fait tous les jours, aller-retour, les quelque mille kilomètres qui séparent la péninsule acadienne, dans le nord-est du Nouveau-Brunswick, de la ville de Montréal, au Québec. Le Taxi Cormier, c'est aussi un film sur l'Acadie contemporaine telle qu'elle se vit au quotidien, loin du folklore et du pittoresque. On se retrouve avec cinq personnages, en plein hiver, dans une fourgonnette, en train de «monter» à Montréal. Parallèlement, le film nous montre l'univers quotidien de ces mêmes personnages. Un regard moderne sur l'errance et l'âme inconnue du peuple acadien.

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Spartacus review

Posted : 1 year, 12 months ago on 17 July 2016 03:31 (A review of Spartacus)

In ancient Rome at the time of the consuls Pompey and Crassus. In eastern Greece, the young Thracian Spartacus is taken as a slave to Rome. Rasch calls its owner Crassus the powerful youth to on, as a gladiator to stand his whole man in the lions Arena. Life as a Roman slave under his new master, Consul Crassus is extremely hard and unfair, even if his love for the daughter of Crassus also allows beautiful moments. As the hedonistic Crassus in an orgy preposterous demands - namely, a duel to the death with Amoricus, the fiance's sister Spartacus' - breaks in the absolute will Spartacus out for resistance and revolt against slavery. Using other gladiators and slave Spartacus dares the big strong kick, wrestle the Romans settled in a surprise coup and fled from Rome.

Finally in freedom, the proud Thracians begins to build up its own army, with which he wants to compete against the vastly superior Roman forces. When he learns Senate the startling news of a the reversals in the Rome against slave army, decisions are taken quickly to defend themselves, to choke this rebellion in the bud. Meanwhile, Spartacus has in a country woman, a young Thrakierin in love. The first military clash between Spartcus rebels and the Roman armies found in Puglia, near the ancient city Petilia instead. Spartacus is fighting the troops of its former owner Crassus as the winner, but in the next battle in Lucania the Spartacus loyalists are completely wiped out. Spartacus himself is a victim of a devious intrigue and dies a martyr fearsome.

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Par une belle nuit d'hiver review

Posted : 2 years ago on 15 July 2016 04:02 (A review of Par une belle nuit d'hiver)

Fiction de Jean Beaudin sur la découverte de l’amour avec Jean-René Ouellette, Marcel Sabourin, René Caron, Denis Drouin, Mariette Duval et Luce Guilbeault. Alors que deux jeunes nageront en pleine euphorie amoureuse, des couples plus âgés se disputeront.

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